Sunday, November 23, 2008


Pregnancy is a very long, special, complicated process that many women fail to learn much about until long after they become pregnant, or not at all, causing innocent babies to suffer severe consequences. When a women becomes pregnant, she must change her diet by cutting out alcohol, smoking, drugs, caffeine, and certain medications. If a mother fails to do so, the baby may develop severe deformities and mental issues. In addition, to help the baby grow properly, the mother must eat 300 calories more than usual, so the baby obtains the nutrients it needs. An expectant woman should gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy, such as 25-35 pounds. A lot more or less than that can be very unhealthy for the baby as well as for the mother. There are several supplements and prenatal vitamins, such as Folic Acid and Iron, that should be taken while pregnant to ensure proper growth, development, and health for the mother and child. This is such an important topic to be aware of as many women will experience child bearing sometime in their life, and they must know how to properly take care of themselves, and their precious baby. It was very interesting learning all this stuff, because my mom has carried and given birth to ten healthy children, and I really owe my good health to her. If she was uneducated about it, there could have been many complications and abnormalities in her children. I think women today take pregnancy too lightly and mess around at young ages, causing unwanted pregnancies, and sudden responsibility for the life of a precious human being.


Sharon McLaughlin said...

Glad that you enjoyed this unit in class!

Mary said...

Hi Celesta! I followed your comment from Cami's blog to these blog posts you've started, and I'm so happy to see you joining the rest of us bloggers. Obviously this blog is for class assignments right now, but I hope you'll keep it up after the class is over! I'd love to read about your life and see any pictures you attach. Sarah is finishing up her first semester at NPC--she'll be glad to exchange college-war stories with you!
Love ya!
Aunt Mary