Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Study Ties Hormone Use to Breast Cancer

This article states that those who take menopause hormones such as estrogen and progestin pills, for as little as a few years, run a greater risk of contracting cancer than someone who does not use hormones. However, a study has proven that women who quit taking hormones, will be able to reach the normal level of getting cancer again, within approximately two years of quitting. For a long time, doctors have believed that estrogen and progestin pills would prevent heart disease, bone loss, and several other problems that occur after menopause. However, this has been proven to be untrue as researchers have found that heart problems and breast cancer are much more prevalent in women who take estrogen and progestin pills. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that women should really try to avoid these pills as much as possible, only using them if they experience symptoms such as severe hot flashes. And, if one feels a strong need to use them, they should only be taken in small doses for a short amount of time. Since these studies have been performed, there has been a 70% drop in the use of hormone products in the general population. In addition to a drop in pill use, there has also been a significant drop in breast cancer cases.
With all of the results from the different studies, proving that the risk of getting breast cancer is significant if you take these hormone pills, I have a strong desire to avoid those kinds of pills at all cost. It does not seem worth it at all to me. Also, if I know anybody who is taking these pills, I want them to become aware of the statistics, so they can rethink about allowing those pills to enter into their body. Hopefully the results will become more well-known, and doctors will inform patients of the risks of the pills before prescibing them.

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